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The Medicare Debate

The Republican changes to Medicare will either destroy the program or save it, depending on whom you ask. Here are both views, from the floor of the House of Representatives.

Oh, Canada...

by Jeff Elliott In late summer, protests by Native peoples were headline news in Canada -- events you couldn't find in any American newspaper.

White Supremacy in the 1990's

by Loretta J. Ross Today's white supremacist no longer wears the white robes of the Klan or the Nazi swastika. Now he looks more like your neighbor -- or maybe your child.

Mark Lowenthal

Smoke, Mirrors, and Censorship After Philip Morris files a $10 million lawsuit against ABC, the network kills an investigative story about tobacco, claiming it's "boring."

Sara Peyton

On the Sidelines High School football is a metaphor for life that prepares our youth for the future, right?


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