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map AUGUST 26, 2001 -- At about the same time that Israel is bombing Gaza City (see previous item), warplanes destroy the Palestinian police building in the Deir Al-Balah refugee camp. Gunfire is reported.

Like Gaza City, this camp is several miles from the army base that was attacked a few hours before, and Israel offers no link between this community and the Palestinian guerillas who invaded the base. Israeli Public Security Minister Uzi Landau says: "I don't have to justify it. It's a clear move that you take in order to respond to acts of terror."

The planes that bomb Deir Al-Balah are American-made F-16 and F-15s. Under law, U.S. weapons are restricted for use only in self-defense.


This is part of a 10-page presentation about the conflict between Israel and Palestine during August 26-30, 2001. If you arrived at this page from a search engine, please see the introduction for more details

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