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Easily the most venal Congressman in ages, former House majority leader Tom DeLay reshaped Washington into an efficient and corrupt political machine - all without help from Bush or Karl Rove.

THE HAMMER details his close relationship with Jack Abramoff, who helped with the infamous "K Street Project" that DeLay ran with Senator Rick Santorum and GOP idealogue Grover Norquist, forcing lobbyists to hire only Republican loyalists that would march to DeLay's orders. Also explained clearly are the complex ties between DeLay’s PACs and Abramoff's casino tribes.

But the most suprising part of this shocking expose may be DeLay’s determination to block Mideast peace efforts because of his ties to an apocalyptic Christian Zionist sect. On the wall of his capitol hill office hangs a plaque reading, "This could be The Day" - the end of the world.

hardback   281 pp.