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Like no other journalist of our time, Helen Thomas has been an eyewitness to history, covering presidents since 1961. Every page of FRONT ROW AT THE WHITE HOUSE has ancedotes that will surprise and astonish. Some examples:

Kennedy urged her to read a novel about a soldier who tragically died young; Martha Mitchell called her at night to rant about Watergate until she was pulled away from the phone; as one of the first reporters to interview Reagan after the assassination try, she boldly asked if he would now support gun control (he said no); and when Nixon went to China, members of the advance party became ill because hotel toilet seats were newly laquered with a sumac compound that caused a poison ivy reaction.

FRONT ROW AT THE WHITE HOUSE is a must-read for anyone interested in American politics, and provides nothing less than a unique, first-hand account of the entire last half of the 20th century.

paperback   389 pp.