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During and after the NATO assault on Yugoslavia, Monitor presented more than 70 articles covering aspects of the war not covered in the mainstream press

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The War Not ReportedFREE! Special 404 report

New Reports of Atrocities by and Against Serbs FREE!
Documenting ethnic cleansing and reprisals in Kosovo

Serbs and Albanians Victims of the Same Game
Massive KLA reprisals against Serbs and Roma continues "vulgar nationalism"

KLA Campaign Against Serbs Rages
Some KLA members kidnapping Serb men to demand ransom of weapons

Serbs Protest, Frightened of Unbearable Winter
But Milosevic political party still highest in voter polls

Poorest Countries Will Pay Heaviest to Rebuild Kosovo
Although U.S. bill will be about $25 billion

Kosovo War Crime Investigation Will Have to Include NATO
International court loses credibility unless NATO air attacks are also weighed

Peace Terms Were set in February Alexander Cockburn

100,000 Serbs May Flee Kosovo
Fears of bloody KLA reprisals

NATO Involvement Just Beginning
Peacekeeping, restraining KLA, repairing tens of billions of dollars in damage

KLA Militias Terrorize Kosovo Serbs
Followed NATO troops and quickly began reprisals

War Ends, Hate Continues Norman Solomon

How American PR Demonized the Serbs FREE!
Public relations firm promoted unconfirmed news stories of Serbian atrocities

Kosovo is Forecast of 21st Century Trends
A non-nation, where foreign officials enforcing laws as citizens use foreign currency

Clinton's Grim Legacy of the Kosovo War
Precedent for a new kind of amoral war where we take no responsibility for the civilian deaths and damage we've caused -- or the horrors to come

A Failed, Unlovely War Molly Ivins

House on Fire by Theodora U.S. in Violation of 1973 War Powers Act
60 day limit was set to stop Nixon bombing of Cambodia

When Will the Media Call it War? FREE!
U.S. media promotes White House spin on NATO involvement

Milosevic War Crimes Charges Open Pandora's Box
NATO leaders also charged for recent targeting of civilians

NATO's "Humanitarian" Reasons for War Diana Johnstone FREE!

"Mission Creep" Towards a Major War Barbara Ehrenreich

How NATO Has Rewritten the Rules of Combat
Our advanced military technology killing 5 times as many civilians as WWII

No Excuse for NATO's Bombing of Civilians
Many in Europe now call it a "coward's war"

U.S. Warned: Don't Use Landmines in Kosovo
But U.S. one of two NATO countries not to sign anti-landmine treaty

3 Views of Aleksinac
We've hit this area several times. You can probably tell why. There's a lot of buildings in it. It's one of the major military garrisons for vehicle storage, etc. ... We hit it in four places yesterday. There were four places aimed at. One of the bombs landed long in a field. There was some claim of some collateral there yesterday. We can find no indication whatsoever where any of our bombs landed where they could have been collateral.

- Captain Mike Doubleday, Dept. of Defense News Briefing, May 29

Cluster Bombs Target Innocents
Compared to land mines, but not covered by treaties

Yugoslav Economy Will Take Decade to Rebuild
More than 500,000 workers out of work from bombing, major factories burned

War on Kosovo Wrecks Pentagon World View
Generals were happier when there were just "A-list" potential foes

Russia-India-China Bloc More Likely
Called impractical in Dec. now seen as needed to counter NATO

"Unintentional" Bombing Repeats a Familiar Pattern
U.S. has often hit political targets when unwelcome peace is likely

How the Story of Embassy Bombing Changed FREE!
At least three contradictory versions

Serb Anger Deepens Over Civilian Bomb Targets
Destruction greater than Nazi bombing in WWII

The Baby Boomer War
As Bombs Continue Falling, So Do Clinton Ratings
Lowest public approval in three years

Making a Case for War Crimes Alexander Cockburn

Clinton and the War Powers Act Alexander Cockburn

Media Ignores Violation of War Powers Act Norman Solomon

If A Cluster Bomb Could Talk Norman Solomon

Clinton Invokes Memory of the HolocaustFREE! Special 404 report

The Search for Serb AtrocitiesFREE! Special 404 report

toxic cloud Bombs Unleash Toxic Clouds Over Belgrade FREE!
Workers dump tons of carcinogens into Danube to avoid explosion

Worthy and Unworthy Victims of War Norman Solomon

To Serbia From Vietnam Alexander Cockburn

After the Bombs, Eco-disaster and Hunger
Poisoned waters, farming centers destroyed at height of planting season

End Eco-Destruction, Serb Scientists Plead FREE!
Long-term effects for that entire area of Europe

KLA Donations Likely Going to Drug Biz, Germany Warns
Used to launder money of heroin smugglers

Spectre of Ground War Haunts NATO Summit
World leaders see "bloody and muddy" war inevitable

Russian Threats Begin to Disturb U.S.
Growing anti-American sentiment could led Yeltsin to be aggressive

Belgrade U.S. Trying to Block UN Censure for Kosovo Eco Destruction
Russia wants condemnation for water, air pollution

Dancing on the Bridge FREE!
Citizens of Kosovo defend their cities

To Serbs, It's Now the NATO War
More damage than all of WWII

NATO Bombs Unite Serbs
NATO failed to consider the history and psychology of Serbs

Is China Playing a Hidden Role in the Kosovo Crisis?
Couldhave bigger role for peaceful settlement than Russia

The Kosovo Media WarFREE! Special 404 report

Kosovo Could Drag us Into WWIII
Three leaders hold the fate of the world: Clinton, Yeltsin -- and Milosevic

Anxiety Growing Across Europe
Every day solution eludes NATO, voices of protest become louder

Bombing the Baby With the Bathwater FREE!
Jeopardizes the lives of 10.5 million and attacks fledgling forces of democracy

Anti-West Anger Explodes in Russia
"Yesterday Iraq, today Yugoslavia, tomorrow Russia!" chant protesters

UN Stalemate Over Yugoslavia
But Islamic nations back NATO

NATO Bombs Will Encourage Repression
The bombing fulfills the dream of every right-wing nationalist in Serbia

The First Internet War
No shortage of citizen reports from warzone

NATO Using Radioactive Bullets FREE!
Depleted uranium linked to cancers, birth defects

NATO, Sig Heil! Alexander Cockburn

Yugoslavia Might Put Globe on Path to Wider War
By choosing military force, Clinton dangerously changed rules of international game

A War With no Fast and Easy Victory Ahead
Could easily spread into Greece, Macedonia -- and Russia

Creating a Worst Case Scenario
Milosevic helped by bombing and destabilization of area

Kosovo Could be "Second Vietnam," Warn Soviet Vets
Yugoslavia using same strategy as North Vietnam

How the IMF Dismantled Yugoslavia FREE!
Starting in Reagan years, bankers gutted the nation

Clinton's Contras: the KLA
GOP In Disarray Over Kosovo
Post-impeachment claims of unity fall apart

Media on Both Sides Cranking Out Propaganda Norman Solomon

TV Screens Offer Us Illusions of War Norman Solomon

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