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Dear Reader....

Welcome to the first "official" edition of the Albion Monitor, a biweekly electronic newspaper published from Northern California. If you'd like to know a little more our editorial mission, you can read the introduction that appeared in our pilot issue.

We think you'll find the articles here well worth reading. Some highlights: our main feature, Round Valley, is the first in-depth examination of the tragic events in Mendocino County to appear anywhere. Taking full advantage of the hypertext format, over twenty separate articles are available for you to explore, each providing greater details on a particular aspect of the story.

Our news section contains important stories, ignored or buried by most of the mainstream press: a South American river disaster, the discovery that the lion's share of human radiation experiments were performed on Bay Area residents, and important developments in the "McLibel" trial in England, now in its fifteenth month.

Quite simply: we plan to bring you the news you don't usually hear about the environment, politics, human rights, science, health, and more. Although we also cover the Internet, you won't find many stories gushing about how the net is 'way cool. Instead, you'll read investigative stories and thoughtful essays on today's events and today's world.

This is also the only free issue of the Albion Monitor published to the Internet. Starting with the next issue, the newspaper will be free only to those with accounts. If you live in Northern California and would like to change to our Internet provider service, we offer the fastest modems available and low rates. Further discounts will be available to anyone who belongs to a community organization. For more information, contact Monitor Publishing.

For those outside our area, you can still subscribe to the Albion Monitor for $9.95 per year. Anyone with AOL, Prodigy, or other Internet web access will be given a signon and password to access our pages.

We hope you will join us in creating a high quality progressive newspaper -- one that provides no coverage of the O.J. Simpson trial, offers no beauty or fashion tips, and proudly accepts no advertising.

Jeff Elliott, Editor

Albion Monitor September 2, 1995 (

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