Date: 04 Nov 95 03:57:34 EST
From: Ray Lampley 

       WAR ON AMERICAN SOIL IS GOD'S LAST CHOICE to correct a Nation in
rebellion against His own Government, against HIS LAW, and against HIS HOLY
SCRIPTURES.  Yahweh, the Elohim God of Israel, especially of the House of Joseph
in the land of Ephraim, which is basically White America, did not want to come
to this drastic step.  HE HAS SENT PROPHET AFTER PROPHET to tell you to change
your ways and get in harmony with HIS LAW, or else you will perish as a people
and a Nation.  This is what it is all about, Folks.

   But, as I watched the evening news tonight, IT FINALLY HIT ME.  This Nation
is not about to repent!  "Therefore will I be unto Ephraim, [the United States
of America], as a moth, AND TO THE HOUSE OF JUDAH as rottenness.  When Ephraim
saw his sickness [his calamity], and Judah saw his wound [not speaking to the
Edomite Jews.  They are used as a tool to destroy this nation and they have done
it well!], then went Ephraim to the Assyrian [the proud people], and sent to
king Jareb: yet could he not heal you, nor cure you of your wounds" (Hosea
5:12-13).  Furthermore, I realized that this Nation has become a NATION OF
CAN FROM EVERY ONE ELSE, at the expense of the weak, the helpless, and those who
are unable to defend themselves.  It is the PEOPLE of this Nation who have
allowed such high taxes that the Nation is being destroyed from both within and
from without.  The vast majority of people never give Yahweh the credit for
anything and they certainly do not intend to submit to Him without force of

    While there are many, many GOOD MEN AND WOMEN of all races in this Nation,
the percentage of evil far outweights the efforts of those who would have Yahweh
stave off the coming destruction.  To you few, Yahweh says:  "PREPARE YOUR
those of you who have stood with me and fought the EVIL IN THIS COUNTRY with me
for the GOOD OF YOUR COUNTRYMEN, to prevent the intervention of Yahweh in
bringing a blood bath on this Nation, my hat is off to you in respect and,
hopefully, in honor.  To those of you who have worked over the years to try to
bring this Nation back from the brink, I say:  "THANK YAHWEH FOR YOU."  This
posting is not to you, but to those who REFUSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE that this Nation
is SICK from its head to its toe, and those who REFUSE TO HELP RETURN THIS

   "When Ephraim spake trembling, he exalted himself in Israel; but when he
offended in Baal, he died" (Hosea 13:1).  Abortion is BAAL WORSHIP.  Sodomy
(homosexuality) is Baal worship.  Sunday, the DAY OF THE SUN, is Baal worship,
it is not Scriptural.  Christmas (Jeremiah 10) and Halloween is Baal worship.
It is NOT commanded in the Scriptures to observe these pagan days.  When you
offended in this violation of Yahweh's Law, you brought on the death penalty!

   Before I go any farther, for the most part, I will not continue on the
INTERNET to warn you.  Those of you who have been getting my postings over the
past few days, know full well what I am saying is TRUE, and you cannot refute
it.  In your great "holier than thou" attitude, and your false hope of being
raptured out of this mess, when no one in history has ever been, you will now
face what this Prophet of Yahweh has been trying to tell you.  For those of you
who want further communications, my address is Universal Church of God, Route 1,
Box 52, Hanna, Oklahoma 74845.  We publish a variety of information to show
Yahweh's true soldiers the need for the Unorganized Militias, the need to
support HIS GOVERNMENT, and the need to OBEY His Law.  I have spent 12 years of
my life to warn a Nation and people whom I love of the impending disaster.  For
the most part, I have gotten nothing in return but a bunch of crap!  I have
better things to do than to try to pull your butts out of the fire!  If you WANT
TO KNOW THE TRUTH, then Yahweh has given it to me to tell you, but I am not here
for a bunch of repugnant fools to try to put down, or have to prove every point,
when it is so easily available to you if you will just read it.  Most of you are
willingly ignorant of the Holy Scriptures because you think IGNORANCE OF THE LAW
OF GOD IS AN EXCUSE!  Most of you are willingly ignorant of who the Jews are and
what they are doing to this Nation.  You are also ignorant of what is about to
happen to you because Yahweh says you will die in your sins.  Sin is the
TRANSGRESSION OF THE LAW OF GOD as outlined in the Book of Deuteronomy (I John

   The ancient temple of God in Israel became an IDOL TO THE PEOPLE and Yahweh
destroyed it.  The Constitution of the United States of America has become an
IDOL TO THE PEOPLE and God is now in the process of destroying it.  If you
pledge your allegiance to the flag, especially the one with the godl fringe
around it, that leaves HIM out!  The flag can do nothing for you, and the
Constitution is dead.  Where do you turn now? 

   It is to those who think that this thing will go on forever without
retaliation from a JUST GOD who will bring an end to the crime, the abortions,
the SODOMITES WHO SO FREELY ROAM THE LAND  and the Militias are allowing it, and
these homosexual sodomites are doing it without so much as a "By your leave."
You deserve CAPTIVITY, and that is exactly what you are up against.  Therefore,
if you think it is a JOKE that this Nation has been overrun by International
Judaism, or that Yahweh's chosen people ARE NOT THE JEWS, then so be it.  You
deserve to die in your ignorance and foolishness.  Why should I waste any more
of MY MONEY, and MY LIFE, trying to save a Nation of fools who want to die?  Let
your children feel the wrath of the Sword.  Let your children feel the pain of
hunger.  Then you will KNOW THAT REGARDLESS of the source of the Clinton Letter,
the threat of those Executive Orders is real.  The threat of foreign troops
invading this nation to ravage your wives and kill your children is REAL.  And
all this was brought on by YOUR OWN SINS AND YOUR OWN REFUSAL to wake up to the
clear danger of the United Nations, of who it is, and what it stands for.

   Don't waste my time with trying to refute this posting.  First off, YOU
CAN'T!  Secondly, I do not have time for such fools!  If you want to communicate
with me, then wake up to the threat of your southern border being over ran with
troops from every nation on earth according to George Washington's vision of the
THIRD PERIL.  Then when you come to your senses and begin to CRY OUT FOR HELP,
just maybe my Elohim willl come to your rescue.  But as long as you persist in
this wicked, corrupt, perverted government, there will be NOT HOPE AND NO HELP

   The American people NEED GOOD GOVERNMENT more than any other single thing.
But it is too late for another vote, for another election, for another chance
for the Republican or Democratic Parties to turn this thing around.  And the
control of the whole voting system is so great that no other party can win, or
even come close to winning.  It is too late to look to the present government
for any kind of solutions to any problems.  They can only lie more, publish more
garbage, hold more hearings, and go deeper into debt!  They are hooked on
International Judaism, and the only cure is by the force of arms which Yahweh is
now  preparing for this Nation.  HE IS PREPARING A GREAT, SHARP, SHINING SWORD
for this people.  Two out of three will die from the coming war (Ezekiel 5:1-4).
But don't worry, we shall soon see if your faith in the rapture is as great as
you claim!  We shall soon see if you can change rocks into bread, or if Ezekiel
5:10 will win out.   When you have to make a choice between killing your only
child for food, and giving up your own life, then you will be able to understand
that abortion is MURDER and this land is full of blood!

   For those of you who know where this Nation is headed and why, I offer this
invitation:  Come, let us build our defenses against this New World Order
together.  Let us stop being afraid of what is right, and recognize that all of
our RIGHTS COME FROM YAHWEH.  Let us fight for those rights in a unified, GODLY
MANNER.  Let us build the Godly Militias which Yahweh CAN HONOR AND UPHOLD with
His own power and HIS WORD!

   In Yahshua's Name and by HIS authority,

   Ray Lampley
   Prophet of Yahweh