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The O.J. Index

Credentialed journalists at Hall of Justice parking lot: 869

Credentialed journalists at Criminal Courts Building: 1,011

Total Pacific Bell fiber optic lines: 86

Estimated ranking as number of fiber optic lines installed at one location worldwide: 1

Estimated length of cable run since July, 1994, in feet: 396,000

Total camera platforms: 8

Number of camera platforms higher than 40 feet inspected and approved by OSHA: 2

Total amount spent on electricity through September 21: $425,000 +

Cost of office supplies used by Radio and Television News Association of Southern California, including Xerox paper: $18,000 +

Amount paid per month to Los Angeles County for use of parking lot: $22,900

Total amount spent on Hall of Justice parking lot security: $300,000 +

Number of news organizations in Criminal Courts 12th floor Press Room: 28

Approximate number of phone lines in press room: 250

Number of telephone lines in Hall of Justice parking lot: 650

Number of trailers in Hall of Justice parking lot: 29

Number of Porta-potties: 10

Data compiled by The Radio and Television News Association of Southern California through September 21st. A version originally appeared in the TV Industry SHOPTALK newsletter.

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