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The United States ranks 16th out of 17 industrialized nations in percentage spending on nursing care, with Norway, Ireland, Australia, and Canada spending the most. These countries provide more resources for their patients by spending less on administration.

  • The average annual RN salary is $28,800. The average RN's starting wage is $13.50 per hour.
  • The average nursing administrator earns $70,000, or $33.65 per hour.
  • The average hospital CEO in the midwest receives $150,000.00 or $72.12 per hour.

    The highest paid executives in managed care do even better. Throughout the U. S., these CEO's averaged $500,000 in salary and $1,000,000 in bonuses. At $1.5 million total, their annual earnings came to a hefty $721.00 per hour. This does not include various other benefits and perks.

    Over the last twenty years, manager's salaries have increased 142 percent. During this same period, wages for registered nurses have increased by less than one-tenth that figure -- a mere 13 percent.

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